Change this whole paragraph to: Global Agritech Summit (GATES) is a professional agriculture conference dedicated to the local and international industry stakeholders to explore more into the business opportunities and to learn the latest happenings in the current agriculture industry. GATES will be a platform for the industry players to showcase the technologies available in improving practices and processes in today’s agriculture ecosystem.

GATES will be covering a wide range of topics revolving around innovation and technology in the agriculture industry such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), advanced tools and equipment used in modern agriculture, unmanned robots, machineries and many more. These are some of the key aspects that GATES aim to achieve and simultaneously to educate the industry players today and in the near future.


  • Change this whole paragraph to: To widen the market of new agriculture technology ecosystem and to attract related partners from foreign countries
  • To showcase the adoption of ICT advancement in agriculture technology
  • To create and increase awareness on how to reduce the impact of modern agriculture on natural ecosystems
  • To develop the relationship and network of the players withing the industry
  • To reduce environmental and ecological impact in agriculture

Who Should Attend?

GATES Targeted Industries

  • Crop Protection
  • Tractors & Implements
  • Farm Construction
  • Seed
  • Farm Tools & Equipment
  • Agriculture Related Services
  • Fertilising
  • Irrigation
  • Biotechnology & Science
  • Farm Automotive
  • Harvesting
  • Smart Farming

GATES Targeted Participants

  • Industry players in agriculture technology
  • Investors in agriculture sector
  • Agriculture product distributors
  • Postgraduate students
  • Researchers in agriculture sector
  • Policy makers in agriculture industry
  • Government bodies and agencies

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